Ladybugs are great for the garden - they eat aphids. Learn how to manage aphids in the garden here. The lower photo is of a (perhaps unfamiliar) ladybug larva (juvenile form).

Garden Pests - Manage Those Aphids

It’s early in the morning. The cup of coffee in your hand is delicious and helps to insulate your hands from the pleasantly crisp morning air. You stroll among the rows upon rows of thriving vegetable plants that you have helped bring into existence feeling proud of this most magnificent accomplishment. You hook a thumb through a belt loop and draw a long breath to puff out your chest. Your garden is positively thriving. You look fondly at the dew drops clinging to small leaves of lettuce and… what the #*!$ is uglying-up those leaves!?! A perfect morning RUINED (well maybe not ruined but no longer quite as perfect).

How to Prevent Pests from Spoiling a Perfect Morning

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about growing lettuce, it is a fairly easy crop to grow and isn’t all that prone to pest issues. The two pests that I have had some trouble with are aphids and slugs. What follows are some simple ways that you might deal with aphids. Advice for slugs coming soon (this is turning into a serious tome). As with all pest-control issues try to learn to accept a few pests in the garden. You can only hope to MANAGE pest populations; eradication is unnecessary and often an unrealistic goal. 

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