I’ve been extremely absent lately but I think I have a good reason! This Urban Farmer has been working hard to secure a plot of land and move to the country. I am sad to be deserting my urban colleagues but I can’t wait to get started doing all of the things that an abundance of land allows. 

We don’t have a name for the farm yet but we will have one soon. For now, I’ll say that we have 20 acres of land at 3500’ in Aguanga, California - just outside of Southern California’s wine country in Temecula. 

Our big plan - To make goat’s cheese and wonderful food that goes with it.

I’ve also been busy with my new food-curation company - ourlocaltopia. Follow me here or there for updates!

I made this video on preserving meyer lemons with salt. The music’s pretty catchy too! More kitchen action on the way.

Visit to Kiler Canyon Farms

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Kiler Canyon Farm, an idyllic expanse of fertile vegetable beds, pasture, and oak-covered hillsides just outside of Paso Robles, California. I was invited by a friend of mine who is one of two interns on the farm (thanks Rory!). The family that tends and owns the farm gave me a tour and welcomed me into their home. When I imagine farming on my own land in a beautiful and rural place this is what I picture. 

The vegetable beds were diverse, planted to the gills, and thriving. A vegetable CSA is the basis of the farm but the family also keeps a few healthy dairy cows, chickens, and pigs. The best loaves of bread that I have seen since I have lived in the US came out of the farms wood-fired oven shortly before I arrived. On top of the bread I had a gruyere-like cheese that had just come out of the cheese cave where it had been ripening for a year.

I left the farm with a gallon of fresh milk from the farm’s Jersey cow. The milk was topped by a thick layer of golden cream for which the Jersey cow is famous. I guzzled the majority of the gallon and made yoghurt with the rest. 

If you live near Paso Robles or Atascadero (or have a friend that does) you can (and should) eat the incredible food grown organically by Kiler Canyon Farm. You can do so by purchasing a share of the harvest through the farm’s CSA - http://kilercanyonfarm.com/csashares.html. All of our food should be grown by people like this.